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The LHTAC Training and Technical Assistance (T2) Center

T2 Announcements (Updated 8/31/2023)

Fall Class Schedule

Fall Class Schedule (PDF)

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Online Training

Please submit any outside classes for us to add to your transcript.  To get a full credit point, classes must be a minimum of four hours.  You can receive partial credit for classes between 1 and 3 hours.

We want to remind our local agencies about various free online training option that is available. Click here to view online resources.

Questions on how we can apply these credits toward the Road Scholar Program? Click here.

T2 Center

The LHTAC T2 Center is part of a national program known as the Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP). We provide training and technical assistance to meet the needs of highway jurisdictions in Idaho.

The Local Highway Jurisdictions (LHJ) in Idaho maintain over 34,000 miles of the transportation system in Idaho. The LHTAC T2 Center has been addressing the technical support and training needs of LHJs since 1986.  Our goal is to foster a safe, efficient, and environmentally sound surface transportation system by improving skills and increasing knowledge of the transportation workforce and decision-makers. Our program promotes best practices in an efficient and effective manner through strong partnerships and communications.

  • Training Courses
  • Technical Assistance
  • Road Scholar Program
  • Safety Fest
  • Video Library

Leadership Development Program

The LHTAC Council and T2 Advisory Board have moved forward with developing a new training program within the T2 Center. The Leadership Development Program is aimed at emerging leaders within the local agencies. These leaders can be at any level from road crewman, to clerks, to crew chiefs to supervisors. The program does not have prerequisites from the other two T2 Programs – Road Scholar and Road Master; it is a standalone program.

The classes in the Leadership Development Program can be found on the schedule titled:

  • Transition to Leadership – Guiding a Highway Agency
  • Mastering Management – A Practical Approach
  • Leadership Communication
  • Organization of a Local Highway Agency

LHTAC plans to develop two additional courses in the near future. One will focus on teambuilding and the other will focus on bridging the generational gap.

It is recommended that students take the Transition to Leadership course first, however, you can take them in any order if desired.

How to Register

Go to https://t2.lhtac.org/, and log in with your user name and password. If you do not have a user name and password, click on the link “request login” at the bottom of the page.

Program Contact Information: Nancy Ziebarth, nziebarth@lhtac.org or Dan Coonce, dcoonce@lhtac.org