Our Vision

Providing the best and most efficient assistance to every Local Highway Jurisdiction in Idaho.

Our Mission

Advocate. Support. Train.

To accomplish our vision and mission, the Local Highway Technical Assistance Council will develop uniform standards and procedures for highway maintenance, construction, operation and administration; make recommendations to the Idaho Transportation Board for the distribution and prioritization of federal funds for local highway projects; and assist the Legislature by providing research and data relating to transportation matters affecting Local Highway Jurisdictions within the state.

The Local Highway Technical Assistance Council will also represent its member jurisdictions in conferences, meetings, and hearings relating to highway and street subjects affecting Local Highway Jurisdictions; maintain and disseminate information from other states as to similar activities that would affect the Local Highway Jurisdictions in Idaho.

In addition, the Local Highway Technical Assistance Council has the ability to cooperate with and receive and expend aid and donations from the federal or state governments, and from other sources for the administration and operation of the Council, and when authorized by the participating local jurisdiction, to act for that local jurisdiction, through a joint exercise of powers agreement with any other local jurisdiction and any agency of the state of Idaho, or any agency of the federal government.

The above measures are based on the Local Highway Technical Assistance Council’s 10 Areas of Authority.

The Local Highway Technical Assistance Council was established under Chapter 24, Title 40, Idaho Code in 1994.

Annual Report

Click here to view the Fiscal Year 2022 Annual Report. (PDF)

View our updated Strategic Plan, By-Laws and Policies below:

Stewardship Agreement – 2020 Stewardship Agreement Empowers Locals

The 2020 Stewardship Agreement between the Local Highway Technical Assistance Council (LHTAC), and the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) ensures that, for at least the next five years, the LHTAC is able to continue to assist locals in the contract administration of the Federal-aid program throughout Idaho. Outlined within the agreement are defined authorities for stakeholders, and procedures and processes that are to be implemented when working through the Federal-aid process.

In drafting this agreement, LHTAC and ITD staff worked closely to enhance and streamline which individuals hold approval authority on local Federal-aid projects and eliminate any duplication. LHTAC understands that the sponsor’s input is key, and because of that, we are especially excited about one particular change; decision-making authority is now in the hands of LHTAC in close coordination with the sponsoring agency. This will allow decisions to be made by those closest to the project, further ensuring the long-term success and local satisfaction with each project. LHTAC works hard to ensure that processes are streamlined and that the sponsor is always getting the most bang for their buck, this agreement will only help in achieving this goal.

ITD and LHTAC Stewardship Agreement (PDF) 2015

ITD and LHTAC Stewardship Agreement (PDF) 2020

Guidelines for Local Public Agency Projects

The intent of this guide is to provide a resource document that will be user-friendly and help to clarify the process and constraints of federal and state regulations.

Guidelines for Local Public Agency Projects (PDF)

Local Public Agencies

Local Public Agencies have been utilizing federal funds for many years to construct highway improvement projects. While the use of such funds has proven to be a tremendous benefit to the highway infrastructure, and therefore to the traveling public, those who have been directly involved in securing federal funds recognize it can be a time-consuming and complicated process.

Quality Assurance Guidelines For Local Federal-aid projects Administered by the Local Highway Technical Assistance Council.

The intent of these guidelines are to provide an outline of the Quality Assurance process utilized by the Local Highway Technical Assistance Council (LHTAC) when administering these projects for Local Public Agencies.

LHTAC Quality Assurance Guidelines (PDF)

Our Staff

LHTAC strives to recruit, retain and support highly qualified staff from diverse backgrounds. Making and maintaining a positive work environment is a top priority for our organization. Visit our Staff Page for a listing of, and contact information for, our LHTAC Staff, Council Members and our T2 Advisory Members.