Open Biddings

LHTAC will publicly open bids at its offices at 3330 Grace Street, Boise, ID. Openings will also be live-streamed via Microsoft Teams. Viewers can enter the Bid Opening meeting here on September 28th, 2023 at 3 P.M. 

Open Solicitations

To view the Open Solicitations, visit our Bids and Solicitations page under Programs here.  

Q2 Quarterly Project Updates

The Local Highway Technical Assistance Council (LHTAC) provides an important linkage between Local Highway Jurisdictions (LHJs) and the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) in the utilization of Federal-aid highway funds available to the LHJs in Idaho. These quarterly progress reports include the status listing of current and upcoming LHTAC projects for each district.

  • Q2 2023 Quarterly Report – District 1 (PDF)
  • Q2 2023 Quarterly Report – District 2 (PDF)
  • Q2 2023 Quarterly Report – District 3 (PDF)
  • Q2 2023 Quarterly Report – District 4 (PDF)
  • Q2 2023 Quarterly Report – District 5 (PDF)
  • Q2 2023 Quarterly Report – District 6 (PDF)

Summer 2023 Newsletter

The Summer 2023 Edition of the LHTAC Times Newsletter is available for viewing online – click here

Print copies are also sent to various local, state, and non-government agencies. If you would like to receive a physical copy, please email Jake Melder at

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Request for Qualifications: Cultural Resource Services

The Local Highway Technical Assistance Council (LHTAC) is seeking additional qualified and experienced respondents (individuals or firms) to submit a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) for a Master Services Agreement with LHTAC to complete cultural resource services for the Leading Idaho Local Bridge (LILB) Program.

View the RFQ by clicking here

The selected firm will be required to develop and inspect the project and be qualified in the following service categories. The selected firm will be required to be qualified in the following service categories:

  • Archaeological Resources
  • Architectural History

Design and construction inspection services, geotechnical services, and other environmental services will be provided by other firms. Cultural consultant will coordinate with these firms, as needed, to complete necessary reports.

Proposals shall be sent to no later than 5:00 MDT on August 3, 2023

2023 Build a Better Mousetrap Competition Winners

LHTAC has announced winners in the Pioneer and Innovative Idea Categories.

  • Pioneer – John McCracken, West Point Highway District, Aerosol Tack Applicator
  • Innovative Idea – City of Nampa, Name That Snowplow

Aerosol Tack Applicator

John McCracken of the West Point Highway District saw how inefficient it was to patch asphalt roads. He developed a all-in-one system that uses an air compressor to blow out debris, spray tack, and clean the lines. This idea has the potential to save significant time, improve the performance of patches with a better application of tack, and increase safety by reducing the time crews are on the road. Check out John’s video to see how his invention works.

Name That Snowplow

The City of Nampa had an idea to engage with local elementary students with their winter operations and bring a little fun to the doldrums of the season. They held a competition to name their snowplows. With a little seeding for name ideas, the following winners were chosen:

  • Kindergarten: Plowy McPlowface
  • 1st: Lightning McClean
  • 2nd: Frosty the Snowplow
  • 3rd: Baby Snowda
  • 4th: Darth Blader
  • 5th: Fast and Flurryous

The city teamed up with its GIS department to provide a live tracking map of the plows, allowing residents to see the newly-named plows in action.

The winners will be presented a trophy at their relevant association’s annual conference. Winners will also receive a free class through the T2 Center.

LHTAC will also submit winning entries to the national Build a Better Mousetrap competition.