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Laila Kral, P.E.
LHTAC Administrator
Administrator Update June 2021

Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for visiting our webpage. Below we have highlighted some of our outreach tools, achievements and local efficiency practices. Take a look around and feel free to call us with any questions. 


Under the News section of our website, you can find a collection of Reports including:

Stewardship Agreement

This agreement ensures that, for at least the next five years, LHTAC is able to continue to assist locals in the contract administration of the Federal-aid program throughout Idaho. Outlined within the agreement are defined authorities for stakeholders, and procedures and processes that are to be implemented when working through the Federal-aid process.

In drafting this agreement, LHTAC and ITD staff worked closely to enhance and streamline which individuals hold approval authority on local Federal-aid projects and to eliminate any duplication.

LHTAC understands that the sponsors input is key, and because of that, we are especially excited about one particular change; decision making authority is now in the hands of LHTAC in close coordination with the sponsor agency. This will allow decisions to be made by those closest to the project, further ensuring the long-term success, and local satisfaction with each project. LHTAC works hard to ensure that processes are streamlined, and that the sponsor is always getting the most bang for their buck, this agreement will only help in achieving this goal.

ITD and LHTAC Stewardship Agreement (PDF) 2020

129,000 Pound Local Truck Routes

We’ve compiled a list of resources related to trucking and have a dedicated page on the subject under Resources.

Single Audit Memorandum 

When a Single Audit is triggered by local participation in a Federal-aid project (PDF)


The Council Members gather quarterly and the meetings are always open to the public. For more information visit our Council Meeting page.

LHTAC-ACEC Committee Meeting

ACEC (American Council of Engineering Companies) of Idaho ( acts as the voice of Idaho’s engineering companies. They have a number of subcommittees focused on different industries.  The ACEC-LHTAC subcommittee meets every quarter at LHTAC.