Who We Serve

LHTAC serves the cities, counties and highway districts across the state of Idaho. The map of who we serve is available to download below.


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Medium (11.7MB, 22″ x 32″, 600 dpi, PDF)

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Interactive Project Map

Use LHTAC’s interactive project map to view, search for, and filter all LHTAC projects in Idaho. The map includes closed and currently active projects throughout Idaho. Select and highlight projects to view their details in the data table. Click the column headers to sort the information. Project data is current with LHTAC’s Map and Records System. Improvements and new features will be added as requests and needs arise.


Interactive Bridge Map

Use LHTAC’s interactive bridge map to view, search for, and filter all local and state bridges in Idaho.  Data is from the National Bridge Inventory and ITD.


Interactive Bridge Map – Leading Idaho Local Bridge (LILB) Program

The Governor and State Legislature have proposed one-time funding for local system bridges.  This map includes only those likely to be eligible, namely those with a condition rating of “poor” or posted for load restrictions.


Interactive Small Structure Map

Use LHTAC’s interactive small structure map to view, search for, and filter all local and state small structures in Idaho.  Data is from the ITD and local road jurisdictions.  Small structures are bridges, culverts, tunnels, etc. that are 10-20 ft in length along the road centerline.  (Bridges are over 20 ft. and should be included in the bridge inventory.  A structure over 20 ft may be included here if it is not in the bridge inventory for some reason.


Crash Data Map

Use this interactive crash map to complete your Local Highway Safety Improvement Program application.


ITD General Web Map

Includes Functional Classification, Urban Areas, Federal-aid Routes, political boundaries, and more.


Archived Local Highway Inventory Maps

Access the LHI reporting maps from previous years for Road and Bridge departments as well as Highway Districts.  All maps are organized by county and the reporting year is in the title.


Idaho Legislative Districts (2013-2022) and Local Highway Jurisdictions

See the list (starting on page 2 of the above document) to find the legislative district(s) that correspond to any particular local highway jurisdiction. Compilation is based on visual analysis of layered data. Legislative boundaries were redrawn in 2012 and are valid from 2013 to 2022, though the senators and representatives for each district will change. Each district’s senators and representatives were taken from the Idaho State Legislature website at or the Idaho Secretary of State website

Legislative and LHJ Map (PDF, 1.0 MB – Updated Apr. 28, 2017)


Local Road, Local Bridge, State Bridge Mapset 2014

LHTAC has published statewide local road, local bridge, and state bridge data in a new mapset.  Use the link to download the PDF booklet.

Local Road, Local Bridge, State Bridge (29MB, PDF – updated Jan. 22, 2015)

Or download a single page: